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Wills and Estates Disputes, Power of Attorney Disputes & Guardianship and Administration

Providing clear, concise and efficient solutions

We understand that it is difficult to lose a loved one and it is certainly not an ideal time to be dealing with complicated legal processes or disputes. It is our objective to relieve your stress during this time by providing clear, concise and efficient solutions to disputes so you can focus on what is important.

Klein Legal are experienced in all facets of wills and estates disputes. We can assist you if you have been left out of a will or have not being adequately provided for under a will or require assistance defending a claim against the estate for provision or further provision.

We can also assist you to apply to the court for a statutory will on behalf of someone who lacks the capacity necessary to make a will, disputes regarding the validity of a will, disputes between executors or about the actions of an executor appointed under a will.

Will Disputes

  1. Advising you about a will
  2. Statutory wills
  3. Challenging a will
  4. Testamentary trust disputes
  5. Disputes between several executors appointed under a will
  6. Disputes concerning the actions of an executor appointed under a will
Will Disputes

Estate Disputes

  1. Representing an executor / personal representative of the estate or a beneficiary (or potential beneficiary) in an application to the Court for provision or further provision from an estate – commonly known as a family provision application
  2. Disputes over death benefits
  3. Claims for compensation for beneficiaries
  4. Recovery of estate assets

Enduring Powers of Attorney

  1. Misuse of powers of an enduring power of attorney
  2. Application to the Tribunal or Court to remove enduring power of attorney and appoint someone else
  3. Disputes among enduring attorneys
  4. Advice about an incapacitated person’s affairs
Wills and Estates Litigation

Guardianship and Administration

  1. Application to the QCAT for appointment of a guardian and/or administrator for a person who lacks capacity
  2. Application to review your appointment as a guardianship and/or administrator
  3. Concerns regarding undue influence or duress of someone in relation to their decision making

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