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Achieving the best possible outcome for you

Disputes arise in business and life from time to time. This can be a stressful experience. Our lawyers are litigation and dispute solution experts. Our objective is to relieve your stress by driving your matter rigorously with clear and strategic direction.

We utilise our negotiation and early dispute resolution skills to save you time and money. If litigation becomes necessary to solve the dispute, we work with you to set a clear direction and timeline to secure outcomes that are in your best commercial interests.

We are passionate about solving your dispute and achieving the best possible outcome for you.

  1. Alternative dispute resolution including settlement conferences and mediations
  2. Legal proceedings in the Tribunal and Courts
  3. Contractual disputes
  4. Shareholder, director and partnership disputes
  5. Commercial lease disputes
  6. Retail shop lease disputes
  7. Residential tenancy disputes
  8. Insurance law
  9. Competition & Consumer Law
  10. Professional negligence
  11. Advice regarding contracts and deeds and enforceability of terms
  12. Recovery of property
  13. Enforcement of loans and securities including mortgages, personal property securities and guarantees
  14. Defamation
Litigation Lawyer

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