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Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Cost-effective solutions to your insolvency matter

Klein Legal have experience and expertise across all facets of corporate insolvency and bankruptcy law and related legal issues.  Klein Legal provides strategic, clear and cost-effective solutions to your insolvency matter.


  1. Advice to directors
  2. Bankruptcies
  3. Part IX and X arrangements under the bankruptcy Act
  4. Bankruptcy examinations
  5. Advice to bankruptcy trustees
  6. Advice to creditors

Corporate Insolvency

  1. Voluntary administrations
  2. Provisional liquidations
  3. Liquidations
  4. Public examinations
  5. Receiverships
  6. Advice to directors
  7. Advice to creditors
  8. Advice to administrators, liquidators and receivers

Advice and Actions on behalf of Liquidators

  1. Preferential payment claims
  2. Voidable transactions
  3. PPSA disputes
  4. Insolvent trading claims
  5. Deeds of Company Arrangement
  6. Advice to liquidators on matters that arise
  7. Lodging of caveats and debt recovery
  8. Any other advice that liquidators may need in respect of the administration of a corporate insolvency

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