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Litigation Lawyers

Litigation Lawyers…

What is litigation?

Litigation is the process of commencing legal action against another party.

What is a litigation lawyer?

A litigation lawyer (Litigator) is a legal practitioner who assists client in resolving disputes pertaining to civil, criminal or commercial matters. You may need a litigation lawyer to assist you where, for example, a dispute, breach or other alleged wrongdoing has occurred.  A litigation lawyer will work with you through the relevant Court processes and assist you in reaching a resolution of your matter or dispute.

Why might I need a litigator?

Estate Litigation

You may need a litigation lawyer to assist you if a dispute has arisen during the administration of a deceased estate. For example, if you are contesting a Will or defending a claim brought against the estate, disputing the validity of a Will or are involved in a testamentary trust dispute. Estate litigation is predominantly governed by the Succession Act 1981.

General Commercial Litigation – Civil Litigation

You may require the services of a litigation lawyer in to assist you with a commercial dispute.  Commercial disputes often involve a dispute concerning money or something of monetary value. Some commercial disputes include (but are not limited to): –

  • Contractual disputes;
  • Shareholder, director and partnership disputes;
  • Commercial lease disputes;
  • Retail shop lease disputes;
  • Residential tenancy disputes;
  • Insurance disputes; and
  • Property disputes.

Building and Construction Litigation

The building and construction industry in Queensland is highly regulated.  If you work in this industry or are a consumer of services in this industry at some stage, you may require the assistance of a litigation lawyer. Some disputes that may arise in the building and construction industry may include (but are not limited to): –

  • breach of a building contract;
  • disputes concerning payment of monies;
  • defective workmanship;
  • complaints made to the QBCC including directions to rectify;
  • disputes concerning variations to a building contract;
  • disputes about delay in completion of the works under a building contract; and
  • subcontractor’s charges.

The above is not an exhaustive list of the services which a litigation lawyer may be able to assist you with.

I need a litigator!

Litigation Lawyer

If you believe you may need the assistance of a litigation lawyer, contact Klein Legal today.  Klein Legal are experts in litigation and dispute solutions.

This is general information only and does not constitute legal advice.

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